Bedding in the right Direction: Watering 101

Bedding plants should never be allowed to dry out. As conditions require, a morning watering is recommended, followed by a second watering during the later afternoon. The morning waterings should be early in the day so the plants have a chance to dry off before the sun gets too hot. The afternoon watering should occur before it is dark. On hot, dry, or windy days, bedding may need to be watered 3 times during the day.


Geraniums and blooming pot plant should never be watered overhead. Blossoms will be spotted, burn and rot if they are watered overhead on bright, sunny days. Always place your watering nozzle below the blossoms and foliage water directly into each plot. In addition, after it rains, geraniums and blooming plants should have blooms removed that have been damaged by rainwater (commercially called deadheading.)

Plants on the north side of your building will require less waterings than plants on the east and west sides. Plants on the south side will require the greatest amount of watering.

Plants that are shaded will require less water than un-shaded plants.

When watering flats, make sure that each cell in the flat is watered. We recommend watering around the outside of a flat (slowly) twice and then in a back and forth motion to ensure each cell is properly moistened. Soil should be thoroughly soaked. Avoid getting water on the blooms when possible-very important with geraniums.

Just because some plants wilt in the sun does not mean they need water. If the soil is moist, additional watering is not necessary.

Feed bedding plants once a week. We recommend Peters 20-20-20.

Always “dead-head” bad blooms and leaves from bedding plants-especially geraniums. Bad blooms will not reflect a healthy plant to your customer. Quality is very important for today’s consumer and they will shop somewhere else if plants are low quality.


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