Mums the Word


The Mum is beautiful for a variety of reasons. They have other uses beyond their look. The leaves and stem of the Chrysanthemum are traditionally boiled for Chinese cuisine including tea and wine. Most species of Mums blossom from August to November, making them an ideal Fall flower.

Mums often live up to two weeks in a vase. However, their leaves die much sooner. The leaves are often removed from the stem to ensure longer lifespan. They are one of the most popular flowers in the world, only falling short to the Rose.

There are 40 wild species of Chrysanthemum and thousands of varieties. Mums are tropical flowers, native to Asia and northeastern Europe. The varieties with more than one flower are called spray Chrysanthemums.

Mums often take many forms. They take on a variety of looks from daisy-like, decorative, buttons to pompons buds. They are composites, meaning their flower heads are made up of tiny individual flowers. Their blooming season in the fall has led to the Mums being the favorite flower for the month of November.

Regardless of the reason you love Mums, they are a stunning flower to give for any occasion. Share the beauty and grace of Mums this fall. Our florists at Flowerama Waterloo in Waterloo, IA are here to help embrace the beauty that is Fall with Fall Mums.

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